How Would You Know When Your Windows Need to be Replaced?

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How Would You Know When Your Windows Need to be Replaced?

So, you’ve noticed some drafts coming from your windows. Does that mean they should be replaced? Even with noticeable signs, it’s not always clear to know when your windows need to be swapped for new ones.  When taken care of well, high-quality windows can last up to 20 years or more. But there are multiple other factors that can cause them to age and deteriorate. As homeowners become more aware of the benefits of energy efficient products that can help lower their energy costs, updating to new windows is becoming more of a worthy investment for the home. Here, we help you learn how to really read those telltale signs that let you know it’s time to get your windows replaced.


Your Energy Bills Are High


When you have old and outdated windows installed in your home, they can have a significant effect on your monthly home energy costs. When the seals and insulation of the windows are weakened or broken, your heating and air conditioning can easily escape outside. This causes your HVAC system to work overtime to keep your interior comfortable. Inevitably, this causes your energy bills to spike. If you can’t sit next to your windows because it’s too cold, or if you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home even when your A/C or heating is blasting, this can highlight that there’s a potential problem with your current windows.


Condensation Keeps Forming Inside The Glass


Even though your windows can’t directly communicate with you to tell you when it’s time for new ones, there are several indicators that can highlight when it might be time to consider shopping around for replacements. And seeing frequent condensation or frost on the glass is one of them. Condensation isn’t always a bad thing. It’s actually quite common and usually nothing to be concerned about when it appears on the exterior of the window panes. However, when condensation develops between the glass, and it can’t be wiped away, this tells you that there’s a cracked or broken seal in the window and that it can’t provide proper insulation. When this occurs, your old windows will probably need to be replaced.


Deteriorating and Warped Frames


Another way to know when your windows need to be replaced is by looking at the overall aesthetics and window frame. Does the window frame show signs of warping or wood rot? Is it cracked? Or does it just look old and weathered? Remember, even though you may not pay much attention to your windows on a regular basis, they’re an integral part of your home, which means they impact the aesthetics of your exterior significantly. If they’re looking rough and old, you can bet this will detract from your home’s entire curb appeal.


You Can’t Open Or Close Them Easily


Stubborn windows that don’t function properly can only be ignored for so long. If you have to constantly struggle to simply open and close them on a daily basis, it generally points to a problem with the window’s installation, a wrong size of frame, or that the frame has warped. Aside from this limiting your ability to let in some fresh air, this can also pose as a safety hazard since windows are a vital fire escape route in any structure when it comes to emergencies. If you can’t easily and quickly open your windows, consider replacing them.


The Soundproofing Quality is Poor


If you live in a noisy neighbourhood or struggle to sleep comfortably with outside ambient noise, your windows could be the problem here too. Older windows weren’t designed with the type of advanced materials that are used in modern ones today. Modern, eco-friendly windows integrate features such as double or triple pan glazing which can help reduce noise by up to 70%. So if you or your family struggles with excessive noise when inside your home, this may be a good time to consider a change.


They’re Damaged After A Storm


Sometimes, it can take a big storm or nasty spell of weather to reveal the age and fragility of your windows. This is especially true after the long winter months. Harsh conditions like ice, excessive moisture, and even excessive heat spells can take a serious toll on older window models. That’s why we always recommend to thoroughly inspect your windows after any major storm, and following the winter to pinpoint any potential damage

to the glass or frames that need repair or replacing.


Even if your windows look just fine from afar, they can show some stark, telltale signs of potentially major issues when you look a little closer. If you notice any of these when looking over your current windows, give us a call at Aztech Doors & Windows. Our expert team has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for years. We can help you determine the best course of action for your new windows. Get in touch today!

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