Need Windows and Doors Replaced During the Pandemic? We Make it Easy!

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Need Windows and Doors Replaced During the Pandemic? We Make it Easy!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on homeowners and businesses alike. For those of you in need of new windows or doors, however, you might be wondering how to get the work done safely and professionally. Is it even possible?

We know it is – we’re doing it now! Even before the pandemic, our team at Aztech Doors & Windows has worked diligently on implementing alternatives to in-home consultations. Today, discover the top five ways we’ve refined our customer service approach, enabling our team to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Safety and Convenience Come First

Even if there wasn’t a health crisis unfolding around the world, we want to keep our hardworking employees and prospective clients safe, comfortable and in the best of health. If there’s a way to bypass in-person consultations when the job at hand allows for it, we do it. Virtualized alternatives are not only more convenient for clients but for our team as well, helping us complete jobs quicker while lowering operating costs.

A New Approach to Quoting and Contracting

Unless if there’s a more complex job, such as a client requiring the installation of multiple windows, we have no need to come out and generate quotes, contracts, or other documents in person. Much of this work is now handled remotely via secure, trusted digital solutions including DocuSign and Interac e-transfers. That way, you’ll only see us when we’re there to handle the physical labour.

Responding to the Latest Purchasing Behavioural Trends

Before the pandemic, we noticed that there was increased interest from prospective clients in digital, less-intrusive window and door installations. Individuals wanted something that required less in-person time, didn’t interfere with their schedules as much, but still delivered superior-quality results they could trust. Since then, over a year after the COVID-19 outbreak first occurred, contactless window and door replacement services have been a popular choice for our clients. We’ve continually refined various internal processes to make each customer experience as smooth and seamless as possible.  

Reduced Unnecessary Travel

Minimizing the need for travelling – whether to consult, obtain a signature, inspect a property or otherwise – is essential nowadays as a trusted local window and door installer. Most individuals aren’t comfortable having those from outside their distancing bubbles close to home, and rightly so. When our team isn’t working onsite, we usually refrain from sending them out. It’s a choice that reduces wear-and-tear on equipment and vehicles, saves on gas and deployment costs, and helps us focus more on prioritizing the needs of our clients in more time-efficient ways. 

Ensuring Lasting Appeal to Well-Informed Clients

We love working with our established client base and newcomers alike for one key reason: they’re interested in what we offer! Most have done their homework well in advance, researching styles, features and other elements of the windows and doors that appeal to them. This makes it easier and more fun to sign off on an ideal solution together. Our customer service has been optimized to encourage these beneficial, informed relationships even virtually including via email and phone, and the changes have been very well received.

Regardless of whether you require new windows or exterior doors in Ajax, Guelph, Mississauga or elsewhere in Ontario, the Aztech family is happy to offer a new standard in customer service. By streamlined quoting and contracting, reducing the need to travel, and adapting to customer behavioural trends, we offer a more modern and convenient experience. For more details or to get started, reach out to us today – we’d love to hear more about the windows and doors you have in mind for your property!

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