Need Windows or Doors Replaced During the Pandemic? Follow These Safety Measures

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Need Windows or Doors Replaced During the Pandemic? Follow These Safety Measures

The world might be faced with a pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that your old or damaged windows and doors will hold out until it’s over. If the need arises to get them replaced, don’t worry, as trusted contractors such as our own team at Aztech take client and employee safety seriously. In fact, we put it first, implementing everything from virtual inspections to remote document signing solutions. Be sure to explore our blog post detailing the many precautions we’ve put in place.

With that said, what are the top safety measures you as a client should observe when getting windows or doors replaced? Let’s take a look together.

Plan with Lead Times and Pricing in Mind

The pandemic has placed ample pressure on window and door installers across not just Canada, but around the globe. This is largely due to manufacturing-related disruptions for parts, components, and materials used in creating both standard-sized and custom-configured products. As a direct result, prices have skyrocketed for many essential building materials and installation services, so it’s a good idea to shop around and find a local provider who offers the most competitive rates. When working with us at Aztech, for instance, we’ll be upfront and transparent about availability and lead times for delivery and installation. In addition, our prices have remained stabilized and highly competitive despite many other providers raising theirs considerably, so you can take advantage of the best deals around. Always ensure you plan ahead in terms of scheduling an installation, as it’s safer for everyone if there are as few individuals present onsite as possible. That way, we can keep our employees and clients safe at the same time, only visiting the installation site for the job at hand – everything else can be handled remotely!

Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late!

On the topic of planning ahead, what if you’re certain that you need specific windows or doors replaced as soon as possible? As lead times are longer than normal, which is the case for every window and door installer, it’s best to order what you need sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you risk having to wait longer than you can afford to and, while we do everything possible to help our clients and appreciate their patience during these strange times, we may not be able to do much about the delay on our end. Therefore, our recommendation is to plan and order your windows and doors with us so you can get the best possible spot in line.

Ensuring Space in Advance

Once you’ve ordered the windows and doors you need from us, and as the installation date gets closer, take the time to ensure social and physical distancing can be followed at all times. While we minimize onsite visits as much as possible, a cluttered working environment can create needless complexities. Therefore, if that dresser or couch makes the installation area a bit of a tight squeeze, it’s always appreciated if the client can temporarily adjust their layout. This enables installers to keep all necessary tools and equipment in close proximity to the immediate working area without cluttering the space, helping us maintain distancing, remain focused on delivering a truly professional installation, and mitigate any risk of damage to your belongings, flooring, or walls.

Mask Up!

Lastly, it’s imperative to our team that everyone onsite wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), whether they be an Aztech employee or building occupant. Distancing is not enough – a high-quality mask approved by local health and safety regulations must be worn by everyone on the property for the duration of the installation. We also encourage sanitizing all relevant touchpoints before the team arrives and after they leave, as well as practicing frequent handwashing. 

Getting renovations done during the COVID-19 pandemic is anything but straightforward, but our team at Aztech strives to simplify the process through transparency, proactivity, and attentiveness. If you have any questions or concerns regarding lead times and supply, distancing, remote solutions, or PPE for our window and door installations, reach out to us today – we’re happy to help in any way we can! 

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