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Top 5 Replacement Windows Shopping Mistakes

Replacement windows is a big investment decision that is supposed to bring you more comfort, enjoyment of your home, reduction in your energy bills and an increase in your home value. As with any investment, it is important to buy something practical, efficient, good looking and appropriate for your home.

People don’t do their homework
Assuming you paid the right price it’s embarrassing and sad to find out after the fact that your windows open or get cleaned not as conveniently as they could be.  There is a multitude of options which offer a wide range of finish, types of operation, level of insulation, etc.  Educate yourself prior to shopping and gain a better understanding of what the modern windows and door technologies have to offer.  There is plenty of reading and videos available on the internet. Stick to the local resources as they provide more relevant information for your climate and product availability.

Being shy to ask questions
There is no such a thing as silly questions!  Your window contractor is a resource whose primary interest should be to leave you pleased with your purchase and refer him/her to your friends and family.  He or she has been around and saw many ways a challenging situation can be addressed.  Ask as many questions as you wish until you know what to expect from the product, the installation process, and anything else you can think of.

Not knowing when to stop in pursuit of perfection
Energy efficient products is a must today. With all the positive benefits of switching to energy efficient windows, it is really an easy decision that will help to pay for itself in the years to come.  However, exceeding the Government approved recommendations to marginally improve your windows efficiency may never return the additional investment it will require.  Simple strategy – follow the recommendations, and see what your neighbors do, talk to them about their experience.

Shopping based on price alone
Shopping based on price alone is a mistake, regardless of what you are buying. Yes, everyone wants to get a good deal and save money, but quality, time, warranty and helpful service – all have their value.  Compromising any of the above for a couple hundred dollars may cost you thousands later on.

Postponing or reducing the scope of your window project
If it is time for the windows replacement, you got to do it.  Not having enough money right now should not prevent you from fixing your home.   First of all, it is not granted that your disposable income will grow faster than prices and the same project next year will get any easier to afford than it is now.  Second, the economies of scale/scope – you always get a better unit price on bigger jobs. Third, multiple financing options are available, some of which are interest-free, and the energy savings will practically make the new windows pay for themselves.

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