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We offers high quality products that are made-to-order to ensure exact fit for any new construction or renovation project. Rest assured, no project is too small or too large. From an ensuite bathroom replacement window, to a 3 story new construction project, our portfolio is comprised of beautiful doors and windows that will satisfy a broad spectrum of budgets, technical requirements and design tastes.

Aztech Doors & Windows is your local windows and doors company here in Western Ontario. We will be pleased to hear from you so please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to serving your community.

We are proud of our professional reputation for quality products and exceptional service, and look forward to finding you the perfect products for your project. As family own company we take a pride to work in your community and service it 24 hour, when homeowner needs help. We there with our expertise and advice, whether you buying or just need a professional opinion you can always rely on Aztech Windows and Doors


Aztech Windows and Doors  strives on customer satisfaction and has through the years grown into a flourishing business servicing Kitchener- Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton and Guelph areas. Our role in this industry is the “The Real Window and Door Specialists”. Our dedicated employees come from window and door manufacturing backgrounds. Please use our experience to your advantage and choose your city for local representative to visit your house for free no obligation quote on your window and door project.
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Project timelines

Project timelines vary by season, job size and complexity. Simple jobs involving standard items can be ordered online and completed within 3-4 weeks of the order date.  Larger jobs involving several doors and/or custom shape windows usually get completed within 5-6 weeks, however we make every effort to meet your project deadlines.  Larger jobs usually involve 5 steps:

  1. In-home consultation and price estimate
  2. Placing the order
  3. Visit by our specialist to take the exact measurements for production purposes
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Delivery and installation
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Energy Efficiency

Aztech windows and doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified in Canada according to the new 2010 ENERGY STAR requirements.  Aztech double glazed windows and doors meet the requirements for ENERGY STAR Zones A and B in Canada. Triple glazed windows and doors meet the requirements for Zones C and D in Canada, the coldest in North America.

The higher the ENERGY STAR rating, the more energy efficient the windows and doors are.  For homeowners, higher rating means a better insulated home and significant savings on the heating/cooling bills all year round.

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All Our Products Meet and Exceed the Performance Standards set by the Industry