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Why choose sliding doors with Aztech?

The large glass surface of patio doors provides a great view of the outdoors while brightening up the interior of a home. Built to last, our patio door offers a lifetime warranty on the tandem ball bearing rollers to ensure you always have smooth sliding operations.

Available in different colours or white, our patio doors are a practical solution and offer great value for cottages and homes. Enjoy a great view with effortless sliding functionality while also reducing water and air leaks with superior energy performance. Optional keyed-lock door handles and spring-loaded foot locks are available for added security.

Our vinyl patio doors combined with characteristics of vinyl and durable hardware offer high energy efficiency, security, ease of operation and lasting durability. Precision formed frame and sash have effective interlocking rails for security and air tightness. The multi-chambered insulating vinyl profiles provide maximum resistance to heat and cold transfer, while the continuous perimeter weather stripping form a positive seal between the frame and sliding sash.

Smooth and easy panel operation as a result of two tandem roller riding on a polished anodized aluminum sill track.

Anti-slam dual-point lock provides extra security and safety.

Sliding Door Description 1
Sliding Door Description Mobile 2

Anatomy of a Sliding Door

  1. Frame: Holds the glass panels in place, and adds energy efficiency.
  2. Head Jamb: Distributes weight of glass panels, and houses the upper rail
  3. Top Rail: Allows doors to slide sideways.
  4. Operating Panels: The movable glass panels which create the entryway.
  5. Meeting Stiles: Vertical edges where two panels meet, provides insulation and structural support.
  6. Side Jamb: Provides support to the sides of the door, houses screen attachment point, and creates a boundary for the moving panels.
  7. Fixed Panel: Creates visual continuity as well as structural support.
  8. Foot Locks: A space for an optional feature (secondary locks) which adds extra security.
  9. Bottom Rail: Allows doors to slide easier combined with upper rail.
  10. Sill: Immovable, bottom frame which houses rails and provides extra weather seal.
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Standard Features

• Oversized sash frames for a luxurious look
• Soft touch fin weather strip
• Capri 3.0’s smooth finished look, no visible screws, discrete hidden bumpers
• Multi-finned weather strips (top and bottom)
• Standard twin point lock inside and outside D-Handles for easy operation
• Superior 2″ x 1/2″ screen, lock with pull handles, and heavy duty zinc keeper
• Lifetime warranty on vinyl and 1″ Low-E glass units

Standard Accessories

• 6 standard Brick Molds:
• Zero degree
• 5/8″
• 1″
• 1 3/16″
• 1″
• 2″
• 4″
• Vinyl exterior extensions – suitable for any wall depth
• Interior vinyl casings, 2 3/8″, and 3 3/8″
• Seamlessly integrated Transoms and Sidelites

Capri Patio Doors

Optional Extras

• Hundreds of standard paint colours (colour match program available)
• 3 distinct upgraded hardware lines
• Secondary security locks (kick-locks and top bolts in addition to our twin point lock)
• Energy savings and home comfort from high-efficiency glass packages

Capri Photo
Standard Features
Standard Features

• Widths up to 15ft (3-panel) and 24ft (6-panel)
• Heights up to 108″ (some restrictions apply)
• Optional pleated retractable screens (Black, white, commercial brown, and sandalwood only)
• 7 7/8″ Frame Depth
• Standard Paint Grade Sorrento Handle, and optional San Remo Handles in both ‘Slim’ and ‘D-Series’
• Optional Satin Nickel Handles in all Series also available
• Precision “Vista Glide” Roller
• Jamb pocket covers
• Elegantly robust sashes make for a most pleasing aesthetic
• Easy-to-grip handles with or without key
• Standard white, plus 4 other colours available
• Double roller track panels slide and stack perfectly within door frame, take up minimal floor space

Glass Options

Loe I89


Excellent winter performance. It allows a high amount of visible light while reflecting heat back into the home.

Loe 180


Blocks 71% of sun’s UV rays, and allows 82% of visible light to pass through. Higher reflectivity of heat than LoĒ-i89 glass
Loe 272


Delivers year-round comfort. Reflects moderate amount of sun’s heat back into home during winter, and also rejects sun’s heat during summer for stability of indoor temperatures.
Loe 366


The ultimate performance glass. A triple layer coating of LoĒ³-366 rejects 95% of UV rays, while maintaining the highest level of transparency.
Combination Glass


Choose a LoĒ-i89 and LoĒ²-272 or LoĒ³-366 for hi-efficiency. Allows for better ‘solar control’ with one coating being highly heat reflective and the other less so. One captures heat, one reflects, allowing for more precise temperature regulation.

Standard Blinds Program

Available in more sizes than most other manufacturers, including:
• 2-Panel in 58 3/4″, 59 1/2″ x 79 1/4″
• 3-Panel in 7668 and 9068 sizes
• 4-Panel in 10068 and 12068 sizes

Custom Blinds Program

Order a specific size to complement hard-to-fill openings.
• Choice of white, or 5 other spectacular colours
• Custom sidelites with blinds available

Sidelites & Transoms

Choose sidelites and transoms that seamlessly fit with the design of your Capri 3.0 door, with the same glass package. Various shapes available. Sidelite Mini Blinds available in all 6 colours.

To find out more please give us a call and speak with a member of our team!

Internal Grilles

Internal Grilles

In many shapes, sizes, and contours — various finishes compliment your door colour. Endless options. Some exterior paint colours cannot be matched exactly.
Simulated Divided Lite (sdl)

Simulated Divided Lite

Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) recreate individually divided glass panes. Shadow bar between the glass and contoured interior and exterior mullions for exact recreation. SDLs, in 1″ and 2″ width, coated with colour.

Colours Options

Colour Program
Colour Program

Hundreds of options to choose from.

Our sliding doors come in major paint manufacturers’ extensive colour palettes, or you can choose our colour-matching option to provide an exact equivalent of a colour you selected.

Hundreds of standard colours – endless design possibilities.

To find out more please give us a call!

 Performance you can trust.
Performance you can trust.
There’s a reason the Rimini 2.0 is one of our best selling doors. While colour choices may be more limited, its simplicity and functionality pair well with any room design or architecture.


Standard Siena Series, with Twin-Point Lock and Keyed Option

Standard hardware package which comes in black, white and split-finish black out/white in.

Sorrento Series
Sorrento Series, with Keyed Option

Grip set series, a more contemporary look, with square d-handle for modern decor and design. Available in Black, White, split-finish Black Out/White In and Satin Nickel.

Verona Series, with Twin-Point Lock and Keyed Option
Bright Chrome, Satin Nickel, Bright Brass, Antique Brass Black, Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze (not all finishes are shown).
San Remo Series
San Remo Series, with Keyed Option
The “San Remo” Series — two distinct versions with easy-to-use thumb-turn, slimline interior and exterior grips. Ergonomic D-type pull handle. Available in Black, White (not pictured), split finish Black Out/ White In and Satin Nickel.
Easy to Grip Handles
Easy to Grip Handles

With or without key

The Rimini 2.0 Door comes with a variety of hardware options.

Give us a call today to find out which option suits you best!

FAQ On Sliding Doors

Are sliding doors safe?

Yes. Sliding patio doors come with locking hardware, are compatible with additional foot locks, and combined with Smart Home technology can be monitored remotely to check if they’re open or closed.

Are vinyl sliding doors durable?

Yes. The materials that the doors are manufactured out of are performance-tested for excellent weathering, resistance to cracking and warping, as well as colour retention. Just like our vinyl windows, our doors won’t rot, crack, or warp and maintain their colour for a long time.

What are the benefits of between-the-glass blinds?

They have several benefits. They add privacy, block out unwanted light when necessary, and because they are inbetween the glass they don’t require dusting and collect less allergens than traditional blinds. They are protected from dust, particles, children and pets, and require very little maintenance or cleaning.

What makes a sliding energy efficient?

Low-E glass coatings, properly installed seals, layers of weatherstripping, as well as insulation gasses between the panes of glass help improve the energy efficiency of a sliding door. These factors impact air infiltration, weather resistance, and heat loss/gain of your entryway.


Limited Lifetime Warranty, Non-prorated, Transferrable Key Warranty Features

When it comes to keeping your home secure and comfortable, the importance of high-quality doors and windows cannot be overstated. That's why it's crucial to invest in products that come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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