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Whether you live in Clarington, Bowmanville, Brooklin or otherwise, calling the Oshawa area home offers plenty of conveniences. However, have you considered the condition of your current doors and windows? Regardless of whether you need a new installation or outright replacement, Aztech Doors & Windows is here to help. We are proud to serve Oshawa in addition to other communities in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, our made-to-order products are manufactured locally, helping us give back to the economy while delivering the top-quality service our customers love. With your measurements and input along with our expertise, your custom order is sure to be something special!

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    Aztech windows are not like other windows; they feature a wide range of innovative design features aimed at optimizing energy efficiency, longevity, and ease of maintenance. For instance, your choice of either Argon or Krypton filling in double or triple-glazed panes comes complete with a warm edge, non-metal Super Spacer® seal, tightened for maximum insulative performance. Along with advanced triple-layered weather stripping, ENERGY STAR®certification, and a fusion-welded frame and sash, you can expect improved energy savings in addition to a more robust, stronger final product.

    Every Aztech custom vinyl window is made-to-order by Window Wise™ certified manufacturers in Concord, Ontario. From bay and bow windows to casement, double-hung, awning and other styles, we can accommodate size, complexity and budgetary preferences with ease. Easy to maintain with the help of a glossy shine and options such as specially treated obscure glass, they make everyday household cleaning less of a hassle! All of our windows meet Canadian and USA builders’ standards, are CCMC approved and conform to CAN/CSA-A440-98. We even offer a wide range of optional colours in addition to the standard white, totalling 33, to ensure a match to your desired aesthetic.


    Keen on improving the appearance of your heritage home in Bowmanville? Or, do you want to upgrade to a stronger, more weather-resistant front porch in Clarington? Aztech doors are a superb choice, offering improved resilience, security, insulation, and long-term satisfaction. Each built-to-order door is customized based on your preferences for style, material composition, and price.

    Our steel doors can be painted at the factory in a large variety of colours to complement – or contrast – your home’s entrance and interior. They benefit from double pane tempered, clear LowE2 coated glass units along with full triple-layered weather stripping, ensuring a tight seal for improved insulation. Alternatives include our popular fibreglass doors, which are extremely durable, lightweight, and easier to maintain than wooden counterparts. Perhaps a porch enclosure door would interest you instead, complete with glazed and tempered safety glass and an ultra-strong, 2-inch extruded aluminum profile. Or, if you would like easier access to the backyard or a view of the garden, consider our high-quality patio doors, available in sliding and swinging (French) variants to suit your preference.


    No matter whether you need high-quality doors and windows for your home in Clarington, Brooklin, Bowmanville or the surrounding Oshawa area, the Aztech team has the expertise and dedication needed to help. With locally sourced manufacturing and a commitment to personalized service, we take the build-to-order service to a whole new level. Discover what we can do for you as a homeowner: Improved energy efficiency leading to lower electricity bills, increased curb appeal for equity purposes, and more! Whether you need us for an installation in a brand-new home or a replacement of older windows and doors, we look forward to showing you what we can do. Contact us today!

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