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  1. Aztech Doors & Windows accepts full responsibility only for the items sold on “SUPPLY & INSTALL” basis. Items sold on “SUPPLY ONLY” basis are subject to limitations as described in the corresponding manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Subject to limitations listed in the manufacturers’ warranties and the exclusions contained herein Aztech Doors & Windows provides warranty for:
    1. All workmanship is warranted for LIFETIME.
    2. The U.P.V.C. window frames and sash are warranted against defects in materials such as blistering, peeling, flaking, corroding or fading for LIFETIME.
    3. All window hardware is warranted against defects in material for LIFETIME.
    4. Insulating glass units are warranted for LIFETIME against seal failure. Glass breakage, cracks or scratches of any kind are not covered by this warranty. Spontaneous glass cracking is covered for the 1st heating season.
    5. Sliding patio door U.P.V.C. frame & sash are warranted for LIFETIME against defects in materials such as blistering, flaking, corrosion, uneven fading, discolouration and peeling.
    6. Steel doors, door lites and other components are covered by a LIFETIME warranty against defects in materials such as delamination of the slabs, blistering or flaking, corrosion of hinges and sills, uneven fading, discolouration and peeling.
  3. Warranty is non-prorated and transferrable to purchasers of the home with a mandatory 60-days notice to Aztech Doors & Windows.


Aztech Doors & Windows will not be liable for:

  1. Variance in grain pattern and colouration of natural wood components.
  2. Condensation on the innermost surface of glazing naturally occurring in high humidity vs. temperature conditions, especially when worsened by window coverings, blinds, curtains, or shutters that prevent adequate airflow along those surfaces.
  3. Physical damage of any kind caused by misuse, accident, improper cleaning or lack thereof, exposure to harsh chemicals, acts of God or acts of nature, police action, criminal act, etc.
  4. Any damage caused by the shift of the building structure and/or the wall envelope, any subsequent construction work like painting, stucco, re-trimming interior, etc.
  5. Any product that has been attempted to have been repaired, adjusted or modified by anyone other than Aztech Doors & Windows technicians.
  6. Any consequential or incidental damages caused by a faulty product regardless of whether such defect is or is not covered by this warranty.



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