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Fiberglass Doors Outperform Wood Doors 
Despite their beauty, wooden doors are often prone to problems that vary from warping and sagging to denting and chipping and even rot.  To mitigate the above wooden doors require routine maintenance. Fiberglass door, on the other hand, has the genuine look and feel of a wooden door without any troubles of caring for it. Fiberglass doors do not chip, warp, rot or crack and don’t require periodic painting. In addition, they are lighter so they’re easier on the hinges and don’t sag after time. Its the reason why wood doors typically come with only a 1 year warranty unlike the lifetime warranties (25 yrs. on smooth finish) with fiberglass doors

Enhance the appearance of your home’s entrance with our beautiful, high quality  fiberglass entry doors. Design the perfect custom made entry door to make a great first impression, while also receiving better energy efficiency, low maintenance, and the ease-of-operation you’re looking for with our industry leading, high quality entry doors.

Knowledgeable Design Consultants
Our experienced sales consultants will help you design the perfect door for your home by recommending styles and options that will insulate and beautify your entryway.

Factory Direct Doors
When you buy entry doors from Aztech, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer.  So, there will be no middle-man!  Our entry doors are locally manufactured in Concord, Ontario

Doors that Perform on your Home
Our entry doors are constructed to outperform and outlast the typical builder-grade entry doors commonly sold by the big box stores.  Our doors are durable, energy efficient, secure, and custom-made to fit your home’s specifications.

Expert Installers
We only hire expert installers of exterior doors that are amongst the best in the industry. Our installers are clean, professional, and respectful to you and your home.

Our heavy duty fiberglass doors are composite reinforced around the edges, rather than the usual wood-edge doors.

The slide-on bottom sweep seals out the weather and can be easily replaced.

Thresholds with a riser can be easily adjusted with a screw driver to meet the weather strip on the bottom of the door to create a tight weather-seal.

Hand-Stain Finish

Receive the beauty of a wood door and the benefits of steel or fiberglass with our stainable textured finishes.

Factory Paint Finish

All Aztech Entry Door Paint finishes are state-of-the-art coatings formulated for maximum durability, UV protection, fade resistance, and lasting beauty.

Ball Bearing Hinges

We use ball bearing hinges standard on our doors to ensure a smooth, consistent operation for years to come. Fibreglass doors offer appearance of an expensive wood-grain or smooth finish  without extensive weight and maintenance that wooden doors require. They are resistant to denting, rotting, cracking and warping. They are energy efficient and require little maintenance over the course of their lives. To summarize the advantages:

  • High durability
  • Available in a variety of panel designs and glass options
  • Paintable and stainable
  • Virtually maintenance-free