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If you’re considering a renovation for your home in OAKVILLE, it’s important to not overlook the importance of replacing your doors and windows. Not only will it improve the aesthetic of your home, it also has the potential to save you money on your energy bills.

With a wide variety of styles available, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your home’s unique look. Plus, with the help of professionals specializing in doors and windows from Aztech Doors & Windows , the installation process will be smooth and stress-free.

Don’t let drafty old windows and doors bring down the value and comfort of your home any longer—consider replacement options today!

Energy Efficient

Our doors and windows help reduce energy costs and enhance indoor comfort.

Superior Quality

Our doors & windows are designed to last, ensuring enduring performance & aesthetics.

Personalized Service

We tailor our services to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Expert Installation

Our skilled team ensures seamless installation for optimal functionality.

All Our Products Meet and Exceed the Performance Standards set by the Industry

About Aztech Doors & Windows

Aztech Doors & Windows is proud to serve Central Ontario. We love helping our neighbours, and we take pride in delivering quality products and service that have made our reputation what it is today. When you use our services, you’ll also be supporting 100% local since all of our products are manufactured and sourced right from Concord, Ontario.

Windows and doors are what we do best! So trust us when you need any replacements or installations. You can count on us to get the job done on time, on budget and with the best quality workmanship, guaranteed!

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FAQ  Doors and Windows

What causes condensation on my windows?
The condensation you can’t wipe off (because it is inside the glazing where you can not reach it) is a sign of a faulty seal in the glazing unit. This glazing unit has to be replaced.

The condensation on the surface facing inside your home that you can wipe off is totally different matter. Windows produce condensation whenever the dew point temperature of the air inside your home gets above the temperature of the glass surface. The dew point is proportionate to the relative humidity of the air inside the house. If the relative humidity of the air is above 80% any slightly colder than the air surface will produce condensation just like a mirror in a shower. If the relative humidity of the air is in the optimal range (35-50%) it is normal to see a bit of condensation on the windows only on the coldest days of the year. If you see excessive condensation on your new energy-efficient windows you need to check the air humidity and make sure it goes down to normal by adjusting the humidifier/heater settings and/or improving the ventilation.

Alternatively, the interior glass surface temperature of an energy-efficient window can go below normal if the flow of the warm/dry air contacting the glass is blocked by blinds or shutters – keep those open on cold days to minimize condensation. Higher-rated windows are less prone to produce condensation but even those would eventually go cold and start “sweating” if you restrict the warm air flow to them.

Does Aztech Supply Interior Doors?
No, we supply and install only EXTERIOR entry and patio doors.
What are the advantages of upgrading to energy-efficient doors?
Energy-efficient doors are designed to minimize heat loss or gain, which can lead to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. These doors are always well-insulated, with weatherstripping and advanced glazing options.
Can I use a storm door in front of my entry door?
Storm doors can be used, but SHOULD NOT be used in conjunction with doors painted or stained with dark colors or in areas of high heat or intense sun exposure. We strongly recommend using a vented storm door which allows the trapped heat to escape, prolonging the life and performance of your door. Improper storm door applications can void the warranty on your entry door.
What is insulating glass?
Insulating glass (IG) consists of two or more glass window panes separated by a spacer. A window with insulating glass is commonly known as a double-paned or a triple-paned window depending on how many sheets of glass are used in it..

Insulating glass units (IGUs) for low-rise residential homes are typically manufactured with glass in thicknesses from 3 to 6 mm (1/8″ to 1/4″). Thicker glass is used in commercial, high-rise and special applications. Laminated or tempered glass may also be used as part of the construction.

The space in between the panes provides the bulk of the insulation effect and is usually filled with a mixture of air and argon (noble gas) as it gives better insulation.

How can I improve the security of my doors?
There are several ways to enhance door security, such as installing sturdy deadbolt locks, adding a peephole, using a security bar or chain, and ensuring proper installation and alignment.
When should I replace my windows?
  • When your windows have air leaks and drafts.
  • When your heating and cooling bills continue to rise.
  • When your windows are difficult to open and close.
  • When your windows do not provide adequate security for your home and family.
  • When your windows allow dust and dirt into your home.
  • When your windows don’t block outside noise.
  • When your windows appear foggy.
  • When your windows are difficult to clean.
  • When your windows cost you time and money in maintenance.


Limited Lifetime Warranty, Non-prorated, Transferrable Key Warranty Features

When it comes to keeping your home secure and comfortable, the importance of high-quality doors and windows cannot be overstated. That's why it's crucial to invest in products that come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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