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Aztech Performance Series Hung Windows

Hung Windows

Hung windows offer clean traditional look for the openings that are taller than wider. They can give as much ventilation or as little as needed in a specific situation. Similarly to the sliding windows they allow to maximize usable space both inside and outside of your home.


Aztech Performance Series single slider tilt has one fixed (typically the one at the bottom) and one operating sash.  Operating sash moves up and down and can be locked in the closed position with the automatic safety latch.  It is kept from moving on its own in any of the interim positions by a constant force spring coils, similar to those used in the safety belts.  Operating sash tilts in for easy cleaning from the inside of your home allowing ample access to the exterior of the fixed portion of the window.  Internal spring loaded screen the size of operating sash included.

  • Air Tightness A3/F
  • Resistance to Wind-driven Rain B7
  • Wind Load Resistance C3
  • Energy Rating – 9.59 W/m2

Hung Windows 2


Aztech Performance Series double slider tilt has two operating sashes – one on top and one on the bottom.  Both sashes move up and down. Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from the inside of the house.

  • Air Tightness A3
  • Resistance to Wind-driven Rain B5
  • Wind Load Resistance C3
  • Energy Rating – 9.59 W/m2


All Aztech Performance Series window frames and sashes are constructed entirely from superior UPVC extruded profile. The frame and sash corners are fusion welded into a monolithic unit to provide a permanent seal against air and water penetration. Aztech Doors & Windows vinyl come in the optimal glossy shine which in the long run offers a more attractive appearance and allows for easier cleaning. Fusion welded corners together with multi-chambered frame and sash provide for maximum durability, insulation and security. Our solid vinyl frames won’t rot or warp and are manufactured to specifications with highest of precision. All of our windows meet Canadian and USA standards. They are CCMC approved and conform to CAN/CSA-A440-98.

Standard Window Features:

  • Sturdy extruded vinyl construction
  • Fusion welded 3-1/4” frame & sash for superior strength
  • Multi hollow chamber design to increase rigidity and insulation rating
  • Warm edge non-metal Super Spacer®
  • Advanced triple weather stripping for a superior seal
  • Standard White, 32 additional colours are available

What Our Clients Say

We are very impressed with Aztech windows and Doors performance. They gave us excellent deal. Very good price and supreme quality together with outstanding workmanship. Really impressive. installation crew worked fast and put attention to small details. After inspecting all 12 windows and the front door, I couldn’t find anything not to be happy about. Good clean up. My house looks totally different. I would gladly recommend Aztech.
Peter Ross, Google Reviews

Very good job. All windows replaced and cleaned up. Team was very efficient. Salesman was very knowledgeable, explained all in great detail. Nothing but positive experience. Will definitely recommend them.

Samanta Nashmore, Google Reviews

Myron is top notch. He was straight forward, very informative and just a pleasure to work with. Aztech provided superior customer service, excellent products and a very professional team of installers. Extremely happy with the process from start to finish.

Tom Stirling, Google Reviews
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