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Canada Greener Homes Grant

If you are looking to increase your energy efficiency and to save on heating and air conditioning bills, Canada’s greener homes grant is the program you should check out.聽 It is about lowering your home鈥檚 carbon footprint while boosting equity. The key to all the above can be found in your doors and windows!

If there鈥檚 ever been a time to upgrade, it鈥檚 now. Our team at Aztech Doors & Windows is the ideal choice, and we鈥檙e happy to spotlight various ways for you to save in more ways than one. There are two in particular: the Energy Savings Rebate program and the聽Canada Greener Homes Grant. Let鈥檚 explore the essentials of each to help you make a more informed decision regarding your purchase.

How the greener homes grant works

Customers who receive this grant can cover up to $5,000 worth of new doors and windows for their property. This ensures that you not only save money on the initial investment but also clear the path to improved energy savings. Plus, by upgrading to more eco-friendly windows and doors, your home will increase in value while lowering its overall carbon footprint. It鈥檚 a win-win for everyone, especially you!

Benefits at a Glance

  • Save on heating and cooling
  • Reduce the upfront cost of critical eco-friendly home upgrades
  • Enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate for less
  • Increase the value of your property through green solutions
  • Make a difference in the fight against climate change, one window and door at a time

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Local Communities

The goal of the Federal Government of Canada鈥檚 Greener Homes Grant is to encourage society to modernize residential dwellings. In doing so, by switching over to solutions that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, communities can collectively reduce the amount of energy they consume, especially in the summer and winter months when HVAC systems are normally more heavily relied on.

Audits and Expert Advice

The Greener Homes Grant is limited to 700,000 applicants, and the costs of an EnerGuide evaluation ($600) are covered in addition to the funds if you receive it, amounting to $5600 total. In addition, successful applicants will receive advice from a dedicated energy advisor. This will help them identify further areas of improvement where potential cost-effective home improvements could be made, meaning further energy savings.

Energy Savings Rebate Program

How it Works

The Energy Savings Rebate program was designed to pass savings along to consumers through specific retailers. The program provided over $200 million to participating businesses in Ontario up until March 31, 2021. When an individual shopping through one of these businesses places an order for an applicable energy-efficient product, they receive an instant rebate when purchasing.聽

Regarding the specific businesses participating in the program, $150 million of this amount was dispersed across retailers operating five or more locations, while $50 million was spread among those with one to four of them.聽

Eligible Purchases

As directly stated on the Government of Canada鈥檚 website, rebates were available through this program on the following ENERGY STAR certified products:

  • Washers, dryers, and combo units
  • Dishwashers
  • Tankless condensing water heaters
  • Air purifiers
  • Smart thermostat systems
  • Ductless mini-split indoor units (air-source heat pump)
  • Air conditioners, ceiling fans, and dehumidifiers
  • CEE Tier 3 certified refrigerators and fridge/freezer combo units
  • Home charging systems for electric vehicles
  • Induction stovetops

Program Benefits

Ontarians who purchased these eligible products from retailers participating in the program could receive up to 25 percent back in a rebate. Exceptions included tankless condensing water heaters and air-source heat pump systems, each of which was eligible for you to receive up to $1,000. Not only that, but the Energy Savings Rebate program was available both online and in-store, so you didn鈥檛 need to hit the road to enjoy these savings! Rebates were generally handed out right away, after which the retailer would proceed to request reimbursement from the government.聽

Energy Savings Rebate Program vs. the Canada Greener Homes Grant

You might notice that ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors are not included on the list of eligible products for the Energy Savings Rebate program. The program has also since ended and funding is exhausted, according to the official government site.聽

This is where the Canada Greener Homes Grant comes in handy; it allows you to save on heating and cooling costs, reduce upfront eco-friendly home upgrade expenses, lower your home鈥檚 impact on the environment, and even increase property value through green modifications.聽

The grant differs from the Energy Savings Rebate program in the following ways:

  • First, our products are eligible products for the grant as they are designed with energy efficiency and eco-friendliness in mind, evidenced by their ENERGY STAR rating and state-of-the-art features aimed at maximum indoor climate control efficiency;聽
  • Second, the grant is a more involved process, but it has the potential of paying out a lot more in rebates, allowing for you to cover up to $5,000 worth of green home improvements including windows and doors;聽
  • Third, while the Energy Savings Rebate program required businesses to apply and only those with a certain number of locations were eligible, you get to apply through the Greener Homes Grant as one of 700,000 resident applicants;聽
  • Additionally, bear in mind that the grant requires an EnerGuide evaluation costing around $600, though the funds for this are included along with the $5,000 if you are approved to receive it;聽
  • Lastly, this option remains available, so you should definitely check it out while you can!

Choosing Aztech Doors & Windows

All in all, since the Energy Savings Rebate program is now closed for submissions, you should consider the Canada Greener Homes Grant for your next window and door installation. We at Aztech are happy to thoroughly explain the specifics of any available rebates or incentives tied to our high-efficiency products.聽

We also will recommend a certified and appropriate auditing company for you when it comes to the Canada Greener Homes Grant. Combined with a commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction, we take no chances in ensuring you get the most out of your product investment, with our ENERGY STAR certified doors and windows designed to meet established eco-friendly rebate program requirements.聽

Need a Hand with Calculating the Costs of Your New Windows and Doors? We鈥檙e Here to Help!聽Contact the Aztech team聽today.

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