Tilt and Turn Windows

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Bring Europe’s most advanced Tilt and Turn windows to your home with Aztech Doors & Windows! Turn the handle down and the Tilt and Turn window swings inside like a door allowing for maximum ventilation and easy cleanup of the outside surface. Alternatively, turn the same handle up and the same window tilts inside on the hinges at the bottom, allowing ventilation at the top and the sides while reflecting the outside noise and not letting any rain inside.


High Security and Safety

Tilt-and-turn windows by Aztech Doors & Windows are equipped with the heavy-duty multipoint locking hardware and fully lockable handles that won’t allow entry even when open. Also, when tilted, Tilt and Turn windows are still children and pet proof.

Better Sound and Thermal Insulation

Tilt and Turn windows from Aztech Doors and Windows utilizing the most advanced Gealan STV® dry glazing system not only enhance the comfort, but also provide better sound insulation and a reduction in noise up to 48 dB when closed! Even when open tilted they reflect and diffuse the sounds coming from the outside.


Tilt and Turn Handle
Tilt and Turn Handle
All of our tilt and turn windows come with pre-installed , fully lockable handles which come in a range of colours. Their ergonomic design, multiple functionality, and child safety features are what make them an excellent addition to any tilt and turn window.
Multi-Point Locking System
Multi-Point Locking System
Equipped with a heavy-duty multi-point locking system, our tilt and turn windows are safe from intrusion even while opened and child and pet proof as well. You can be sure your window is safe without sacrificing style and elegance.

Glazing Options

Double Pane Glass Icon
Double paned glass

Internal air pocket between two sheets of glass, providing more sound proofing, and thermal insulation. Standard in new construction and renovation projects.

Low E Glass Icon
Low-E Glass

Developed to minimize UV and infrared light while allowing visible light to pass through. Better at maintaining stable temperatures in a home.

Triple Pane Glass Icon
Triple Paned Glass
Triple glazing uses two Low-E panels and one Low Iron panel to reflect heat back into the home. Excellent choice for colder climates, like Canada.
Loe I89
Excellent winter performance. It allows a high amount of visible light while reflecting heat back into the home.
Loe 180
Blocks 71% of sun’s UV rays, and allows 82% of visible light to pass through. Higher reflectivity of heat than LoĒ-i89 glass.
Loe 180esc
A coating of silver, sandwiched between two anti-reflective metal oxide coatings which allows two panes of this type of glass to perform like a three pane window. Meets Energy Star 2020 requirements.
Loe 272
Delivers year-round comfort. Reflects moderate amount of sun’s heat back into home during winter, and also rejects sun’s heat during summer for stability of indoor temperatures.
Loe 366
The ultimate performance glass. A triple layer coating of LoĒ³-366 rejects 95% of UV rays, while maintaining the highest level of transparency.
Acid Etch
Acid Etch
Delta Frost
Delta Frost
Custom Sandblasted
Custom Sandblasted
Glue Chip
Glue Chip
Annealed Glass
Annealed glass is made using a slow cooling process to increase durability and prevent shattering. When it does break, it splits into sharp, irregular shaped pieces.
Tempered Glass
Tempered glass goes through a controlled thermal process in manufacturing to change its structure. When it breaks, it fractures into small harmless fragments with relatively rounded edges.
Laminated Glass
Laminated glass is composed of two or more layers of glass with an interlayer of plastic, providing resistance to shattering upon impact. When it breaks, the interlayer holds it together preventing fragment dispersal.


Grille Between The Glass Ii
This type of grille pattern has the grilles between the glass.
Simulated Divide Lite
Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)
The grilles in this pattern are on the outside of the glass.
Simulated Divided Lite With Spacer
SDL With Spacer Bar (SDLS)
This configuration uses both internal and SDL grilles.
Pencil Separated
Georgian Separated
Colonial Separated

All grille profiles are available in the:

1 – White 2 – Painted (One or Both sides) 3 – Pewter 4 – Brass

Colonial Cropped Ii
Heritage Cropped
Traditional Cropped
Prairie Cropped
Diamond Cropped
Victorian Cropped
England Cropped
Classic Cropped
Elegant Cropped
Cathedral Cropped

Finish Options

Casing Options

Our vinyl windows come with a variety of interior vinyl trim options for refined and versatile styling. We combine advanced technology with the finest materials for durable, flawless finishes that will retain their colour year after year.

Corner Options

Standard finishing options include wood stain and contemporary and classic rosettes, but we can also accommodate custom colours.

4 Inch Jamb Ii

We offer four standard vinyl jamb sizes to facilitate a seamless window installation process. For added flexibility we can also provide wood jamb extensions, frame mouldings and corner blocks.

Jamb Custom

Standard finishing options include wood stain and contemporary and classic rosettes, but we can also accommodate custom colours.

Brick Mould
A brickmold casing serves as a decorative element and helps to seal the gap between the window or door frame and the adjacent wall surface, providing a finished look and weather resistance. The brickmold frame typically extends beyond the edges of the window or door frame. We craft our brickmolds from a durable uPVC powder compound that is designed to stand up to the harshest elements. This maintenance-free material is available in a variety of sizes and colours, for long-lasting curb appeal.

Acrylcolour Options

1 Acrylcolour Slate Gray
Slate Grey
2 Acrylcolour Anthracite
3 Acrylcolour Umbra Grey
Umbra Grey
4 Acrylcolour Quartz Grey
Quartz Grey
5 Acrylcolour Window Grey
Window Grey
6 Acrylcolour Sepia Brown
Sepia Brown
7 Acrylcolour Deep Black
Deep Black
8 Acrylcolour Db703
9 Acrylcolour Silver
1 Realwood Turner Oak Malt
Turner Oak Malt
2 Realwood Ginger Oak
Ginger Oak
3 Realwood Honey Oak
Honey Oak
4 Realwood Weissbach Oak
Weissbach Oak
5 Realwood Ral 7016
RAL 7016
6 Realwood Ral 9010
RAL 9010
1 Decor Foils Hazelnut
2 Decor Foils Golden Oak
Golden Oak
3 Decor Foils Grained Anthracite Grey
Grained Anthracite Grey
4 Decor Foils Smooth Anthracite Grey
Smooth Anthracite Grey
5 Decor Foils Mahogany
6 Decor Foils Silver Grey
Silver Grey
7 Decor Foils Basalt Grey
Basalt Grey
8 Decor Foils Quartz Grey
Quartz Grey
9 Decor Foils Chocolate Brown

Plain Colours, Grained

1 Plain Colours Wine Red
Wine Red
2 Plain Colours Brown Red
Brown Red
3 Plain Colours Steel Blue
Steel Blue
5 Plain Colours Fir Green
Moss Green
5 Plain Colours Fir Green
Fir Green
6 Plain Colours Concrete Grey
Concrete Grey
7 Plain Colours Light Grey
Light Grey
8 Plain Colours Cream White
Cream White
9 Plain Colours Brilliant White
Brilliant White
10 Plain Colours Pure White
Pure White
11 Plain Colours Black Brown
Black Brown

Non-Standard Decor Foils

1 Wood Decor Oregon
2 Wood Decor Rustic Oak
Rustic Oak
3 Wood Decor Moor Oak
Moor Oak
4 Wood Decor Dark Oak
Dark Oak
5 Wood Decor Mountain Pine
Mountain Pine
6 Wood Decor Douglas Striped
Douglas Striped
7 Wood Decor Light Oak
Light Oak
8 Wood Decor Meranti
9 Wood Decor Anteak
10 Wood Decor Walnut
11 Wood Decor Sheffield Oak Light
Sheffield Oak Light
12 Wood Decor Winchester Xa

Plain Colours, Smooth

1 Smooth Basalt Grey
Smooth Basalt Grey
2 Smooth Black Grey
Smooth Black Grey
3 Smooth Quartz Grey
Smooth Quartz Grey

Metallic Effect Foils

1 Metallic Alux Db703
Alux DB703
2 Metallic Platinum Bronze
Platinum Bronze
3 Metallic Metbrush Silver
Metbrush Silver
4 Metallic Metbrush Brass
Metbrush Brass
6 Acrylcolour Sepia Brown
Sepia Brown

Plain Colours, Matte

1 Matte Pure White
Pure White
2 Matte Cream White
Cream White
3 Matte Black
4 Matte Black Brown
Black Brown
5 Matte Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey
GEALAN-acrylcolour® Special Colours
GEALAN-acrylcolour® Special Colours

In addition to the GEALAN-acrylcolor® standard colours, more than 50 other special colours are available on request: from white aluminium to purple. Call us today to find out which colours are available for you!

FAQ On Tilt and Turn Windows

What are the Tilt and Turn windows?

A tilt and turn window can tilt inwards by pivoting on the bottom hinges or fully swing-in like a door on the side hinges. Tilt & Turn Windows’ tilt position provides healthy weatherproof ventilation while the turn position provides easy cleaning access, escape and/or e.g. access to the roof if there is one.

On the interior side of the window, there is a single large handle and no other protruding parts like lock levers. The window opens, closes, and locks all with the use of this one and only handle.

What are the PROs of the Tilt and Turn Windows?

Besides the unmatched versatility in the ways tilt and turn windows open, their multipoint locking mechanism controlled with just one handle provides an equally unmatched combination of security with simplicity of operation.

Also, uniquely, the tilting feature allows for a different type of air exchange pattern. Since the window opens the widest at the very top in this mode, fresh air enters the living space at a more upwards angle. Cold breeze from an open window doesn’t blow directly at someone inside the house. Instead, fresh air blows up towards the ceiling where it enters the convection loop at a tangent thus creating less turbulence and more gradual heat exchange. You will never see a draft pulling a curtain and flipping a flowerpot with these windows. You will also hardly ever have an issue with e.g. a cat ripping the bug screen.

What are the CONs of the Tilt and Turn Windows?

Tilt and turn Windows have wider, stronger, and therefore heavier frames that were originally designed for European market where thicker stone walls prevail. Heavier frames and sophisticated hardware come with a price and a different size range than your usual North American alternative – casement window.

Tilt and turn windows are appropriate the openings are close to the top limits for a casement window, and do not look as great (too much frame vs. glass) when the size is small. They also require a certain wall thickness – when a tall window tilts at the top and the wall is not thick enough the window is bound to hit the blinds or shutters if you have them.

Are Tilt and Turn windows energy Efficient?

Tilt and Turn windows are top rated for efficiency just like casement windows. Canadian-made Tilt and Turn windows are Energy Star rated and, depending on the glazing, are qualified for the Federal rebate programs.

Are Tilt and Turn windows very expensive?

Tilt and turn windows are generally more expensive than other window styles, due to their more complex operating systems and locking mechanisms. However, they are still more affordable than window styles like bay windows, and bow windows. The exact price difference can vary depending on factors such as the colour, glazing and size.

Are tilt and Turn windows secure?

The tilt and turn window type is the most secure. It features a multi-point locking system that securely locks the window sash in place. Tilt and turn windows have European standard RC2 intruder proofing which makes them more secure than any American style window. The glazing can also be ordered as safety glazing which adds extra security.

Tilt turn windows are very secure and durable. Their unique burglary-proof design ensures protection from the environment and most robbers/intruders. Tilt and turn windows are more secure compared to the traditional windows. The tilt of the window leaves very little gap for an intruder to enter your home. The window has a swing hinge, which makes it difficult to force the window open. The window is also safer for families with children or even pets. Keeping the window open at a tilt ensure that children or pets do not climb out or jam their fingers or paws. And a multi locking system. This makes them miles superior to North American standard windows.

What are the size limitations on Tilt and Turn windows?

Another advantage of Tilt and Turn windows that their Maximum and minimum width and heights are notably bigger than standard windows.

The minimum width is 24” and minimum height is 24”. While maximum width is 44” and maximum height is 80”.


Limited Lifetime Warranty, Non-prorated, Transferrable Key Warranty Features

When it comes to keeping your home secure and comfortable, the importance of high-quality doors and windows cannot be overstated. That's why it's crucial to invest in products that come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Aztech Windows & Doors Warranty


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