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Aztech Doors and Windows is your one-stop-shop for all of your door and window replacement needs. Whether you want to replace the front, side or back door of your home, need a porch enclosure replacement or desire new replacement windows for your entire home, our team of insured window replacement and door replacement professionals can offer you some of the best repair and installation services available in Hamilton and the surrounding communities. Don’t let your home go unprotected due to worn-out windows, damaged doors, or cracked glass. Instead, let the window and door professionals at Aztech Doors and Windows help you. Call us today to get a free estimate! We have been servicing Hamilton and surrounding areas for over 20 years.

At Aztech, we have the tools and expertise to provide you with high-quality results, fast turnaround times, and exceptional value, a combination that other door and window companies simply can’t provide. When you need window or door replacement, put your trust in us.

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Our Services in Hamilton

Hamilton Windows

At Aztech, every custom-made window is manufactured specifically to suit your required dimensions. Maximizing energy efficiency, durability, and ease of upkeep, our standard high-performance windows are ENERGY STAR® certified, offering maximum insulation and thermal capabilities. This ensures your energy bills are kept to a minimum, along with air leakage. For optimal insulation, all of our windows are assembled with Argon or Krypton filling in either double or triple-glazed panes. Engineered with the warm-edge, non-metal Super Spacer® seal, they ensure maximum insulation effectiveness at a great price. Other performance-enhancing features include triple-layered weather stripping and a fusion-welded frame and sash.

As for styles, you can take your pick of a wide range of contemporary and traditional designs including casement, fixed, bay, bow and awning variations. Plus, there are 33 colour options available including the popular standard white. These windows are locally sourced from Window Wise™ certified manufacturers right here in Ontario, helping us maintain budget-friendly prices while ensuring the very best of quality. With such a balance between beauty, performance and resilience, our custom vinyl windows for Hamilton homes meet Canadian and USA builders’ standards. In addition, they are approved and conform to CAN/CSA-A440-98 parameters.

Hamilton Doors

Make a statement, boost your curb appeal, and maximize energy savings through improved insulation with one highly effective product: A custom door from Aztech. Our products are meticulously engineered to be highly resilient, performant, secure and easy to maintain, not to mention long-lasting. Our fiberglass doors are available with a fine wood-like appearance that resists scuffs and scrapes with ease, while our steel doors can be painted in a wide range of vibrant shades. In addition, Aztech can create a weather-resistant aluminum front porch for your Hamilton home.

With extra-strong seals, impeccable build quality and optional decorative accents such as sidelites, every door is manufactured to be the best it can be. This craftsmanship extends to our sliding and French patio door options. These feature innovations such as high-quality screen meshes, tight seals for optimal insulation and highly resilient designs. Whether you want that optimal view of the back garden or streamlined pool deck access, Aztech can make it happen.


If you are a homeowner in need of new doors or windows in Hamilton, Brantford, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Waterdown, Binbrook, or other surrounding areas, you can count on our team of professionals at Aztech to deliver quality service. When it comes to protecting your home and keeping it beautiful, you need a windows and doors company that has the right level of experience. At Aztech, our team of specialists have over 200 years of combined experience, which means that we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to screen repair, replacement windows, and more. We started our business in 1985 but our professionals have been in the industry working on everything from exterior doors to window installation, for more than three decades. Over the years we’ve gained a high level of expertise that allows us to offer you superior window repair and door installation services. In addition, we also offer a lifetime labor warranty on our replacement services, so you can rest assured that our work is top quality.