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awning windowSimilarly to casement window Aztech Performance Series awning windows provides the largest unobstructed view per opening.  Unlike casement, operating sash of the awning window is hinged at the top and opens up to 45° combining ample ventilation with protection from rain. It is also more commonly used where width of the opening is larger than its height.   Double vacuum rubber seal along the perimeter of the opening provides top ratings in air and water tightness:

      • Air Tightness A3
      • Resistance to Wind-driven Rain B7
      • Wind Load Resistance C5
      • Energy Rating – 10.80 W/m2

Opens with a stainless steel dual arm operator driven by a collapsible crank.

Full internal screen spring loaded for ease of operation.

awning windows

All Aztech Performance Series window frames and sashes are constructed entirely from superior UPVC extruded profile. The frame and sash corners are fusion welded into a monolithic unit to provide a permanent seal against air and water penetration. Aztech Doors & Windows vinyl come in the optimal glossy shine which in the long run offers a more attractive appearance and allows for easier cleaning. Fusion welded corners together with multi-chambered frame and sash provide for maximum durability, insulation and security. Our solid vinyl frames won’t rot or warp and are manufactured to specifications with highest of precision. All of our windows meet Canadian and USA standards. They are CCMC approved and conform to CAN/CSA-A440-98.

Standard Window Features:

      • Sturdy extruded vinyl construction
      • Fusion welded 3-1/4” frame & sash for superior strength
      • Multi hollow chamber design to increase rigidity and insulation rating
      • Warm edge non-metal Super Spacer®
      • Advanced triple weather stripping for a superior seal
      • Standard White, 32 additional colours are available

FAQ On Awning Windows

How Do Awning Windows Work? 2022-07-14T03:47:06+00:00

Awning windows provide the largest unobstructed view per opening. The width of awning windows are usually wider than the height.

What Are The Benefits Of Awning Windows? 2022-07-14T04:20:45+00:00

Unlike casement windows, the awning window’s functioning sash is hinged at the top and opens up to 45°, providing considerable ventilation as well as weather protection. It is also more typically employed when the opening’s breadth is greater than its height.

Do Awning Windows Allow Airflow? 2022-07-14T04:02:09+00:00

Awning window improves light and ventilation in every room— nearly in any weather. Its frame expands outward to allow breezes in while keeping moisture out, and since it is hinged at the top, it may even ventilate your home during heavy rain!

Do Awning Windows Have Screens? 2022-07-14T04:03:03+00:00

Awning Windows have screens.
A full internal screen spring loaded for ease of operation.

Are Awning Windows Secure? 2022-07-14T04:05:05+00:00

Awning windows help increase the security of your home.
They provide good lighting and excellent ventilation, and they don’t increase the risk of your home being compromised since they aren’t easy to break into or open from the outside.

What Is The Advantage Of An Awning Window? 2022-07-14T04:07:02+00:00

Awning Windows have good ventilation.
It makes them great for ventilation since they can be installed higher in the wall than other window types.

Are Awning Windows More Expensive Than Casement Windows? 2022-07-14T04:10:08+00:00

Awning windows are mostly smaller than casement windows. Therefore, they are less expensive.

Do Awning Windows Open In Or Out? 2022-07-14T04:08:52+00:00

Awning windows open outward from a top hinge.
They are screened on the inside of the window. A chain allows you to open the window to the amount required.

Are Awning Windows Hard To Clean? 2022-07-14T04:15:41+00:00

Awning windows are harder to clean than double-hung windows.
They usually have functional components that allow them to clean from the inside of the house.
Thus, you don’t have to worry about claiming up to clean them.

Where Do You Put Awning Windows? 2022-07-14T04:10:55+00:00

Awning windows can be used in almost any situation where an openable window is required. Awning windows can be placed higher on the wall than other openable windows and above furniture or benches while still allowing access to the window for an opening. As a result, they are quite useful in bathrooms and kitchens. Another feature that makes awning windows ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms is its ability to provide privacy.

What Size Do Awning Windows Come In? 2022-07-14T04:16:54+00:00

Minimum 14 x 14 max 50 x 50

Are Awning Windows Ideal For Installation At A Residence? 2022-07-14T12:46:26+00:00

Yes, awning windows are great for residential homes.

What Our Clients Say

Aztech windows really exceeded our expectations. We didn’t just get an excellent price, but the service was exceptional. Installation crew worked really hard inspite bad weather, but also showed great teamwork. We are very happy.
Gladly recommend them.

Kurt Prumm, Google Reviews

I can sincerely recommend Aztech windows and doors. Guys are very professional :from salesman attitude to installers hard work. Everyone did his best. Great and detailed explanations, very clean and fast work. We are very impressed.
Windows look great and operate nice and easy.
Thank you Aztech team.

Morris Bales, Google Reviews

They are a very professional and friendly team, and offer high quality service. I definitely recommend them for your window + door needs!

Lisa Westlund, Google Reviews
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