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The use of creative window grids can make a standard window look extraordinarily special. Today's homeowners prefer the look of internal grids in their windows to complement the architectural style of their homes.

Internal grids, inside the insulated glass unit, add style and eliminate cleaning. We provide a wide selection of patterns, finishing, and colours to choose from.

Specialty Shaped Windows Add Personality to Any Home
Specialty Shaped Windows Add Personality to Any Home
To add dimension and interest to a window project, oftentimes custom shapes are the answer to creating a unique look. Specialty shapes can make your home unique. Aztech custom designed specialty shaped windows will allow you to define your home’s personality and points of interest or simply grace a special space with additional sunlight.
They come in a different shape, from styles like octagons, circles, ellipses and arched windows.

Whatever unique the architect of your home came up with we can re-create and give it a new life. As with all of our window products, our specialty shaped windows are available for both new construction and replacement projects.

Half Round
Quartar Round
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FAQ On Custom Shaped Windows

What is a custom Shaped Window?

Our custom windows complement any home’s architecture, whether standalone or combined to create distinctive shapes. More reasons to love custom windows:

  • Come in a variety of geometric shapes
  • Create a unique aesthetic to your room
  • Bring in more natural light and expand your view
  • Fixed-glass panes seal air leaks to improve energy efficiency

With a wide range of specialty shapes available, you can create a unique window ideal for your home. From circles and octagons to trapezoids and triangles, every window we make is made to order for you.

Are custom shaped windows energy efficient?

Absolutely. Being fixed the standard high-performance, triple-pane, low-e glass with argon gas helps maximize your heating and cooling returns. According to the federal government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development studies, up to 70 percent of energy loss occurs in windows and doors with 90 percent of window heat loss occurring through the glass. The glass you choose for your windows is the most important decision you can make. Our triple-pane, low-e, high-performance glass is among the most energy-efficient triple-pane glass on the market and has earned the highest energy-efficiency rating from ENERGY STAR.

Why would you consider custom shaped window?

Custom windows can increase the value of your house. They are long-lasting and more durable than standard windows. Furthermore, they have better warranties. Custom windows allow you to get creative. They can improve the aesthetics of your home, and help it to conform with your unique style and vision. Larger shaped windows can offer an excellent view to the outdoors, framing it in a unique perspective.

There’s nothing quite like a unique focal point to draw one’s eye into what lies beyond. This is an excellent selling point or curb appeal addition if you’re thinking about the long-term value of your home.

Are custom shaped windows expensive?

Our custom shaped windows fall into the picture window category. They are able to be custom shaped easily, as they are fixed windows. This means they do not open, but can be paired with other windows which will open and close for airflow. Fixed windows often cost less than moving windows, so even with the custom design, you may find that this type of window is more affordable than you had expected.

If it’s a design you can make out of a geometrical shape, it can be turned into awe-inspiring window reality. Consider round shapes, sharp angles, or a combination of both to create something truly unique and suitable to you.


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