Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Doing Windows Replacement

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Doing Windows Replacement

Changing windows and doors is an important decision.  Everybody wants to make the right decision when making such major changes to their home. Your home is your major if not the biggest of investments in your life, and any change you make should have a positive impact on your home’s value, improve comfort and appearance, while not breaking the budget.

To help you make the best possible decision, we have outlined the top 5 most common mistakes a homeowner should follow when shopping for windows and doors:

People don’t do their homework
It’s embarrassing and sad to find out afterwards, that whatever windows you got (even if the windows are good and the deal you got is great) are not as functional or beautiful as they could be. One of the main reasons people make mistakes when choosing new windows is because they don’t take the time to educate themselves about their window options and what the market has to offer. Do some reading prior to shopping and gain a better understanding of the modern windows and door technologies have to offer.

Being embarrassed to ask silly questions 
There is no such a thing as silly questions!  Your window contractor is a resource.  Ask him or her as many questions as you wish until you are clear and comfortable about the product, the installation process, and anything else you can think of.

Not knowing when to stop in pursuit of perfection 
Energy efficient products is a must today. With all the positive benefits of switching to energy efficient windows, it’s really an easy decision that will help paying for itself in the years to come.  However exceeding the Government approved recommendations to marginally improve your windows efficiency may never return the additional investment it will require.  Simple strategy – follow the recommendations, and see what you neighbors do, talk to them about their experience.

Shopping based on price alone
Shopping based on price alone is a mistake, regardless of what you are buying. Yes, everyone wants to get a good deal and save money, but quality, time, warranty and helpful service – all have their value.  Compromising any of the above for a couple hundred dollars may cost you thousands later on.

Postponing/reducing the scope of your window project 
If it is time to the windows replacement, you got to do it.  Not having enough money right now should not prevent you from fixing your home.   First of all, it is not granted that your disposable income will grow faster than prices and affording the same project next year will get any easier than now.  Second, new efficient windows will save the energy costs for you. Third, multiple financing options are available, some of which are interest free, and given the energy savings, new windows  will pay most of the cost for themselves.

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