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Sliding doors

The large glass surface of patio doors provides a great view of the outdoors while brightening up the interior of a home. Built to last, our patio door offers a lifetime warranty on the tandem ball bearing rollers to ensure you always have smooth sliding operations.

Available in different colors or white, our patio doors are a practical solution and offer great value for cottages and homes. Enjoy a great view with effortless sliding functionality while also reducing water and air leaks with superior energy performance. Optional keyed-lock door handles and spring-loaded foot locks are available for added security.

Our vinyl patio doors combined with characteristics of vinyl and durable hardware offer high energy efficiency, security, ease of operation and lasting durability. Precision formed frame and sash have effective interlocking rails for security and air tightness. The multi-chambered insulating vinyl profiles provide maximum resistance to heat and cold transfer, while the continuous perimeter weather stripping form a positive seal between the frame and sliding sash.

Smooth and easy panel operation
the result of two tandem roller riding on a polished anodized aluminum sill track.
Anti-slam dual-point lock provides extra security and safety.

French garden doors

French doors are elegant options for your home’s interior or exterior, if you want an extra touch of style and charm. They increase a home’s beauty, value and curb appeal without a full remodeling, French doors come well-insulated to guard against harsh weather conditions, no matter what time of year it is!

What Makes French Doors Different from Other Door Styles?

The main difference between French doors and traditional doors are the design. French doors usually come in pairs and are opened from the center. Doors may open to the inside or the outside depending on customer preference. Those who have adequate space often choose French doors as options for entryways leading to a patio or garden. French doors offer many options specific to their design, as seen below:

Different type of grills,
Vented glass option, clear or frosted

  • Wrought iron with clear glass
  • Brass or zinc accents
  • Hinge and knob or door handle styles
  • Multiple surrounding colours and finishes
  • Transoms and sidelights
  • Security and weather resistant construction for exterior French doors
  • Customizable elements

Not every customer wants a typical sliding door to the patio or garden, and French doors are a functional and elegant alternative. We’re proud of our product versatility at Aztech windows and doors, and our experienced staff members are always happy to discuss these options with you, so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your house. Let us be your first choice if you want French doors installed anywhere in your house!