The 9 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows and Doors

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The 9 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows and Doors

Are you wondering how to really tell when your windows or doors have kicked the bucket? It can feel daunting to even think about replacing them, but just like with your roof, appliances, or other home staples, it’s something that eventually can’t be ignored. Plus, these have a major impact on the comfort, safety, cost, and aesthetics of your home. To learn when it’s time to take notice, here are nine signs you need to replace your windows and doors.


The Frames Are Warped And Cracked

One of the first signs is usually any damage along the frames of the windows or doors. Warped, cracked or split frames not only look unattractive, but they can also cause air leaks in your home. This can impact your comfort level and your energy bills each month. So consider replacing them once they really start to look weathered.


Your Energy Costs Are High

As mentioned, old, cracked and warped windows or doors are a major contributing factor to hiked up heating and cooling bills. When you have your thermostat blasting away with gaps or air leaks along your windows, this can force your HVAC system to work even harder just to keep your home comfortable. And with energy costs increasing rapidly, more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of upgrading to newer models that can retain the temperature and provide greater insulating properties to keep those monthly costs lower.


You Live In A Noisy Neighbourhood

Is your noisy neighbourhood ruining your sleep? Enduring constant noise and interruptions when you’re at home can have a serious impact on your overall quality of life, especially if you work from home. If you or your family have been struggling with the excessive sounds, whether it’s from buses, a nearby airport or loud neighbours, newer windows and doors with dual-pane glass can help keep your home nice and quiet.


Your Furniture Is Fading

The single-pane glass used in many older windows and doors can also cause your furniture, artwork, and other personal items to fade over time. If you notice that a majority of items near the window are looking washed out all the time, replacing the windows with newer designs can block out the UV rays and prevent this from happening by up to 95%!


Your Curb Appeal Looks Drab

When you stand on the sidewalk and look up at your home, what’s your first impression? If you think it’s looking weathered and worn, take a closer look along your windows and front door. These can seriously impact the look of your home, making it look unkempt and old. By replacing them, you can help to maintain one of the biggest investment in your life – your home.


They’re a Nuisance to Open

Do you or your family members struggle to open the windows or doors in your house? If so, this could be a potential safety hazard. Your family should be able to open and get out of your house quickly in case of a fire or other emergency. So if yours are sticking or not functioning properly, this is an important sign that you need to replace your windows and doors. 


They Leak During A Storm

If your ageing windows or old patio doors end up leaking and letting water pool inside your home during a storm, take this as a sign to replace them. Aside from affecting your comfort, frames and floor, this can also lead to mould and mildew spores, which can pose as a health hazard for you and your family. If you notice leaks or signs of mould along your window or door frames, it’s time to upgrade.


It Takes Too Much Time And Money To Maintain

If you’re spending more money and time just trying to maintain your patio doors, front door or windows, take this as a sign too. You can put an end to all of that costly maintenance with advanced frames made from aluminum or vinyl which are exceptionally strong, durable, and can hold up to the weather.


Buyers Aren’t Biting

Have you placed your home up for sale with no real potential bites from buyers yet? Your old windows or doors could be partially to blame. These days, home buyers aren’t interested in purchasing older homes that require a lot of time and money to renovate. They want a home that’s practically move-in ready, and that includes upgraded energy-efficient windows and doors. They’re also willing to pay more for these upgrades in the asking price. So if you’re planning to sell, make sure to perform this upgrade first.


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