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How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

Are you looking to replace your windows this year or trying to decide on the right windows for your new build? Use this quick guide below to help you choose the best windows for your home based on style, value, and practicality. We’ll outline what you need to look for and how to find it here:

Different Window Styles

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to picking out a window type. Here are the most popular styles on the market and what their main function includes:

Awning Windows This window type swings outwards and is very useful for preventing rain from hitting the screen and entering the home.

Casement Windows – This window type is hinged on either the left or the righthand side. The glass panes can swing out like doors which creates the best possible ventilation for homes.

Single or Double Hung Windows – This window type uses either one or two sashes and movable panels that can slide up and down to provide as much airflow as you like.

Fixed Pane Windows – Fixed-pane windows do not open at all and require no hardware. It’s the most economical of the bunch as its sole purpose is to increase the amount of light that enters the house. It is also safe to prevent children or pets from accidentally falling out of the windows.

Horizontal Sliding Windows With a horizontal sliding window you can open it either to the left or right, similar to a sliding glass door.

Bay/Bow Windows – These are curved windows that create extra space for a wider view. Both are popular types that can be made to fit any opening.


The Most Popular Types of Window Frame Materials

Vinyl is hands down the most popular choice for window frames among homeowners. The reason why it’s preferred by many is that it’s maintenance-free, energy efficient, and it provides exceptional insulation properties for your home. It won’t rot like wood or conduct heat like aluminum. Plus, vinyl is reasonably priced so it can be designed to fit anyone’s budget. There are other materials that exist for window frames, but they are not energy efficient or recommended for use in 2019 because of safety reasons.

Best Types of Window Glass

When choosing a window glass, it’s best to stick to Insulated Glass Units.  IGU consists of two or three panes of glass (double or triple pane) separated by a spacer material and filled with a certain gas such as krypton or argon to help reduce energy loss.

Choosing Window Colors

Choosing the best colour of windows is important! If you’re looking for a window type that offers the most amount of colour options, then you need vinyl. With so many different colours available, you can either pick a window to blend into your home’s design or one that will create a bold contrast. Just remember that the colour you pick should enhance the overall look of your home, working seamlessly with the interior while bringing out the beauty of your home’s exterior.

How To Get Value for Money

Choosing a window that can be both affordable and high quality should be your priority. If you choose a cheap window design, it will likely only last for a couple of years before you have to replace it again. However, there are a number of budget-friendly window designs and materials that look just like the more expensive options. Whether you’re fixed to a particular budget or have a more flexible one, vinyl offers plenty of options that provide exceptional strength, insulation and aesthetic qualities.  

Window Warranties

You should always consider the warranty when you purchase any windows for your home. If you can find a company that offers a Lifetime warranty, as we do, you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for any defects in materials or workmanship.

Choosing A Manufacturer

Finding a manufacturing company that has a good reputation when it comes to window production and installation is crucial. If you pick a company that has subpar quality, poor assurance policies, and limited experience, then you could end up having to replace your windows sooner than later in the future. Only choose a manufacturer with a proven reputation for quality, superior customer service, and a highly-skilled team. Read reviews  online and do your research. New windows are an investment and need to be just right.

Buying the best windows possible for your home should be easy once you understand more about all the types of windows available. If you’re looking for the ideal windows for your brand new or newly-renovated home, our company can offer you an amazing selection of windows. At Aztech Doors and Windows, we stand behind our products because we’re not just the seller, but the manufacturer too. To learn more about our business and what we offer, visit our website today!

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