How to Maximize Your Home’s Value with New Windows

When it comes to home improvements that will boost your property value, there are a few distinct spaces in the house that generally fall on that list. But it’s not always clear when determining which ones will give you the most significant returns to really make it worth your while. Replacing old windows and doors [...]

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How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

Are you looking to replace your windows this year or trying to decide on the right windows for your new build? Use this quick guide below to help you choose the best windows for your home based on style, value, and practicality. We’ll outline what you need to look for and how to find it [...]

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How to Maximize the Effect of Replacing Windows/Doors on a Fixed Budget

Need new windows or a new front door, but you are working on a fixed budget? Don’t stress! There are lots of good reasons why replacing old, weathered windows and doors is always a smart move for homeowners. New ones can maintain an airtight seal to keep drafts out, reduce ambient noise, eliminate condensation buildup, [...]

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What Makes Aztech Doors & Windows Different?

Curious about what makes our business stand out from the competition? The success of Aztech Doors and Windows throughout the years can be attributed to our full-service philosophy. Our mission is simple – to provide the best in professional installation service in a prompt and honest manner. From beginning to end, you get the highest [...]

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Invest now for a cosy fall with rebates!

Planning renovations or upgrades to your home in the near future? With the Home Reno Rebate from Union Gas, in partnership with the Government of Ontario and Save on Energy, you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in renovation rebates plus additional electric appliance rebates. How can energy-efficient upgrades help you save? How can I [...]

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Windows and doors warranty and service.

Windows and doors warranty and service are in some ways similar to the warranty you get on a major appliance like a furnace.  Windows, doors and large appliances require professional installation to ensure their proper operation and long life. If you got it installed by your general contractor or by yourself there will be significant [...]

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Doing Windows Replacement

Changing windows and doors is an important decision.  Everybody wants to make the right decision when making such major changes to their home. Your home is your major if not the biggest of investments in your life, and any change you make should have a positive impact on your home’s value, improve comfort and appearance, [...]

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