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Aztech Doors & Windows is a family-owned company, providing top quality window and door services throughout the Greater Toronto Area for years. We are specialists in the industry, with dedicated crews that are professionals at what they do. Whether you need new, high-quality windows, insulated entrance doors, aluminum porch enclosures, or vinyl sliding patio doors, our team will listen to your needs, provide a quote and create a custom order to ensure the best fit for your home. With multiple styles, colours, and hardware to choose from, we can suit your technical requirements, design preferences and budget.

Energy Efficient

Our doors and windows help reduce energy costs and enhance indoor comfort.

Superior Quality

Our doors & windows are designed to last, ensuring enduring performance & aesthetics.

Personalized Service

We tailor our services to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Expert Installation

Our skilled team ensures seamless installation for optimal functionality.

Doors Replacement Aztech

Doors Replacement Richmond Hill

Our custom, made-to-order doors are carefully engineered for maximum strength, long-term durability and curb appeal. This ensures your home not only looks the part but is also better-insulated, secure and comfortable. Whether you call a heritage building home and need an installation that respects its history or simply want something modern yet highly functional, the Aztech team can deliver. We have supplied beautiful, practical, and resilient products for new installations and replacements across a range of styles, including fibreglass, steel and storm doors. No matter your aesthetic preference, budget or specific needs, we are happy to recommend a suitable design.

Alternatively, Aztech patio doors are renowned for their longevity, achieved through the use ofhigh-quality materials and components. This helps ensure smoother opening and closing in addition to an unobstructed view, with designs available in vinyl, steel, and fibreglass. They are available at a lower cost, delivering a minimalist and modern look for less while remaining durable and meeting space requirements. In addition, we offer French doors, a more traditional variation that exudes elegance – an ideal choice for areas opening out to a patio or garden area. No matter your preference or needs, our patio doors offer a new way to experience your backyard oasis.

Windows Replacement Richmond Hill

Our goal is to ensure every window we custom-manufacture and install is more than prepared to handle the Canadian climate. This is why all of our products utilize future-facing innovations such as either Argon or Krypton filling in either double or triple-glazed panes, ensuring additional thermal protection through their Super Spacer® seal. In addition to these insulative features, our windows include ENERGY STAR® certification, so there is no need to worry about blasting your air conditioner or heating in order to stay comfortable.

If you have been looking for residential windows that can be customized to meet a specific need, design constraint or otherwise, we can help with that as well. Each Aztech vinyl window is personalized to fit custom dimensional requirements and the design of your home. Produced by Window Wise™ certified manufacturers in Ontario, they can be ordered in a variety of styles including casement, awning, double-hung and bay windows, and more. They are easier to clean thanks to their optimal glossy shine, which ensures lasting visual appeal and stress-free maintenance. Everything is made-to-order to ensure accurate, precise measurements and the best possible results.

Window Replacement Aztech

All Our Products Meet and Exceed the Performance Standards set by the Industry

About Aztech Doors & Windows

Are you looking for premium-quality doors and windows in the Richmond Hill area? From Elgin Mills to Aurora and beyond, Aztech Doors & Windows is the ideal choice with our exceptional service and dependable solutions. Our custom-made windows and doors meet established industry standards and are manufactured for a precise fit. Along with state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations in window and door insulation, your home benefits from improved temperature control and energy efficiency. Whether in search of French doors that enhance the look of your living space or window replacements capable of weathering many a Canadian winter, you can count on us and our creations.

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FAQ  Doors and Windows

What causes condensation on my windows?
Windows can often get moisture or “sweating” by having excess humidity in the air. When the humidity makes contact with the cooler surface of the glass, the “sweating” occurs. This indicates excessive air humidity inside the room which should be reduced. Typical causes of excess humidity are: inadequate ventilation in the room, faulty central air humidifier, heavy drapes preventing circulation near windows. Additional exhaust fans are necessary to prevent “sweating” in washrooms and laundry rooms.
Why replace old windows?
Energy efficiency: 25-30 % of your heating/cooling bill comes from losses of energy through windows and doors. A 3’x5′ window with a 1/16″ gap around the sashes is equivalent to having a hole in the wall the size of a brick. Over the past 10 years windows and doors became much more energy efficient. New windows and doors will significantly reduce your energy bill. Air quality: Tight windows keep out dust, bugs, pollen and sound – so the indoor environment is healthier and more comfortable. Condensation: Energy-efficient windows stay warmer on the interior surface, so air humidity in winter can be raised to comfortable levels without getting windows to “sweat”, which if persistent may damage walls.
Can I use a storm door in front of my entry door?
Storm doors can be used, but SHOULD NOT be used in conjunction with doors painted or stained with dark colors or in areas of high heat or intense sun exposure. We strongly recommend using a vented storm door which allows the trapped heat to escape, prolonging the life and performance of your door. Improper storm door applications can void the warranty on your entry door.
What is insulating glass?
Insulating glass consists of two pieces of glass sealed to a spacer. This creates an insulated air space between the two pieces of glass, resulting in better thermal performance. Insulated glass also reduces condensation while keeping the heat in during the winter, and heat out during the summer.
When should I replace my windows?
  • When your windows have air leaks and drafts.
  • When your heating and cooling bills continue to rise.
  • When your windows are difficult to open and close.
  • When your windows do not provide adequate security for your home and family.
  • When your windows allow dust and dirt into your home.
  • When your windows don’t block outside noise.
  • When your windows appear foggy.
  • When your windows are difficult to clean.
  • When your windows cost you time and money in maintenance.
What is Tempered Safety Glass?
Tempered Safety Glass is treated with high heat for strength. If tempered safety glass is broken, it will shatter into very small pieces instead of shards.


Limited Lifetime Warranty, Non-prorated, Transferrable Key Warranty Features

When it comes to keeping your home secure and comfortable, the importance of high-quality doors and windows cannot be overstated. That's why it's crucial to invest in products that come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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