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Windows and Doors Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been the buzz word for the past few decades.  Homeowners these days expect a much higher level of comfort without wasteful spending and reduced pollution at the same time.  Windows and doors are responsible for a large portion of energy leakage from a home and as such became an object of tremendous [...]

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Windows and doors warranty and service.

Windows and doors warranty and service are in some ways similar to the warranty you get on a major appliance like a furnace.  Windows, doors and large appliances require professional installation to ensure their proper operation and long life. If you got it installed by your general contractor or by yourself there will be significant [...]

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Top 5 Replacement Windows Shopping Mistakes

Replacement windows is a big investment decision that is supposed to bring you more comfort, enjoyment of your home, reduction in your energy bills and an increase in your home value. As with any investment, it is important to buy something practical, efficient, good looking and appropriate for your home. People don’t do their homework [...]

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Steel or Fiberglass Doors?

Getting started Entry doors are often more than just front doors – they can also be used in the back or on the side. Because the front entrance of your home commands the most attention from the street, it also commands the most attention in the marketplace. Here’s what to consider, wherever you put it. [...]

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