Our Process: Quality Control and After-care Services

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Our Process: Quality Control and After-care Services

At Aztech Doors and Windows, we don’t just install our products – we also manufacture them. This is why we put quality assurance parameters in place to ensure the reliability of our windows and doors. We are fully committed to providing a quality product and total satisfaction for our customers – from the moment we step foot in your home until we sign off and leave you with new windows and doors. After all, the point of replacing your windows and doors is to make sure they last you a very long time. To find out what careful steps we take regarding quality control and after-care, read on.


Quality Control


Research and Development

Even before our products are manufactured, we make sure we’re using the most advanced window and door technology on the market. We then continually test the components so they’ll perform up to our standards. We adhere to inspections at every stage of production, from the raw materials to the final product before it leaves our factory. This is why only premium products are created for each and every project that we do. Research and development are the very first and one of the most important steps in the whole process.


Ongoing Training and Development of Staff

At Aztech Doors and Windows, we conduct regular training and development of staff for a total quality-focused team. All of our installers are qualified professionals and subject to inspections. So we not only inspect that the products you’re buying are of the highest quality and performance, but also that the tradesmen installing them are of the highest calibre too. We ensure they have all the necessary training and certifications and are able to handle your windows and doors with appropriate care.


Quality Assurance

We are always testing our products for operation, durability, and reliability. We conduct regular on-site quality assurance testing for performance as well as third-party testing. Our manufacturing facility undergoes a rigorous process of quality control assessment and reporting to ensure that any quality-related issues are addressed immediately. Our products are tested to meet Canadian and USA standards, are approved by the Canadian Constructions Materials Centre (CCMC) and conform to CAN/CSA-A440-98. Our vinyl windows, steel doors, and fibreglass doors also meet the requirements for ENERGY STAR® (2010). Nothing leaves our manufacturing facility unless it is proven to be of the highest quality.


Product Testing

Although we hire the best in the industry, we still conduct periodic checks of product quality and our performance throughout the installation project. We’ll inspect the performance of the products at each stage of installation to ensure that it exceeds industry standards. If a product is not up to par, we’ll ensure that it’s swapped out with one that is. That is our promise to you.


After-care Services



After the windows and doors have been installed, our team will perform a detailed walkthrough to identify any potential concerns. We’ll check that they are installed to the highest standards – all the components work properly, they are properly sealed, installed square, level and aligned, and that the caulking is neatly applied. Anything that needs to be rectified will be done so immediately – we won’t sign off until our clients are 100% satisfied.


Instructions and Training

We’ll even show you how to properly use, secure and take care of your windows and doors to ensure that they last their expected lifetime and more. Our team will answer all your questions, provide instructions and any advice you need to get the most out of your new windows and doors.


Thorough Clean Up

There’s nothing worse than being left with muddy carpets and piles of dust and construction debris after you’ve had installation work done. That’s why we always thoroughly sweep and clean up after the job. We’ll even remove the stickers from the windows and doors and make sure your home is in an orderly state before leaving.

At Aztech Doors and Windows, we are committed to producing quality products that exceed industry standards and our clients’ expectations.  Every part of our team is involved in quality control and after-care services. From beginning to end we ensure the products we offer are rigorously tested for strength, performance, and reliability. Contact us today to request a free estimate or in-home appointment!

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