It’s a question every homeowner asks themselves at least once, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) along with some other organizations like Ontario Association of Home Inspectors offer tips to help consumers decide which option is best when their home’s  windows and doors look like they could use some work.  CMHC says the decision on whether to repair or replace windows and doors depends on each homeowner’s priorities and financial situation.  If the top priorities are the property value and energy use, replacing is the way to go; if on the contrary it is cost savings, repairing tends to be less expensive.

While there are plenty of companies who would replace windows and doors in Hamilton and the area, finding a skilled repair person and parts for your specific door or a window may prove to be quite hard.  When seriously contemplating repair, homeowner should find the answers to the following three questions:

1.       Will the repair bring your window or door up to its original appearance and functionality?

2.       Who would fix it?  How skillful and reputable the contractor is?  Do they warranty their work?

3.       What would it cost and how much time it will take?

Once the homeowner has the answers to those questions it becomes much clearer what will be the cost difference and how realistic each option is.

There are other factors CMHC says homeowners should take into consideration regarding window and door renovations. These include making sure windows and doors match the original style of a house, determining how much moisture is being let in when  windows and doors are used, and if excessive amounts of condensation forms on windows.  If homeowners still have a hard time determining whether or not to repair or replace windows and doors, a certified home inspector can help. With fall approaching, it may be a good idea to have the entire house examined. Home improvements could help people save on home insurance premiums.