4 Renovation Industry Trends in 2021

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4 Renovation Industry Trends in 2021

2020 was a year unlike any other in the renovation industry, and we at Aztech rode the wave of change along with innumerable other companies across the country. The primary complication for customers has been supply chain disruption and subsequent price hikes. That being said, we were able to keep our prices and operations as competitive and efficient as ever! 

Demand is high, and folks are itching to complete all sorts of home renovations, so where does that leave the industry now that we’re in the middle of 2021? Let’s find out.

Improvements to Quality of Life at Home

With so many folks preferring to stay home and continue to ride out the pandemic, the demand for renovations to make their surroundings more comfortable and convenient is set to remain high. According to an article on Remax, Canadians are choosing to invest in reno work not to increase equity but to increase quality of life instead. In fact, their Renovation Investment Report revealed that over half of Canadians did this in the last year, with 29 percent renovating their property for non-essential purposes. Considering that summer barbeque and patio season is in full swing, there are no signs of a break in home improvements inside or out. 

New Needs for a New Normal

During these uncertain times, many of us have been working from home either out of necessity or choice. However, that doesn’t mean your new home office space is adequately prepared. It’s understandable to put off larger-scale renovations in your home in an attempt to wait out the pandemic but, at the same time, it’s not ideal for one’s health to have a home office set up in an area with little natural light or without a door to close and enable improved focus. We at Aztech are continuing to see demand for new windows and doors not only because of our ultra-competitive prices but also due to the ever-present need for home office conversions. Natural light, privacy, and space to work without distraction are all essential components, and the right windows and doors for your needs can easily make that spare or storage room something special. Even once the pandemic is over, many employers are switching over to more flexible working solutions or downsizing office space, so it’s unlikely that this trend will change for the foreseeable future once a “new normal” is established.

Longer Lead Times 

Of course, with that continued demand along with the ongoing supply chain constraints, it’s only natural that something has to give. Unfortunately, with most contractors and service providers, that translates to longer lead times and being added to a list of clients awaiting their dream renovations. This isn’t always the case – we strive to keep lead times lean and carefully managed with 24/7 support readily available – but a wait of some kind should be anticipated when demand outstrips supply. Plan ahead to ensure you can get your order in well in advance.

Energy-Efficient Home Improvements and Rebates

Eco-friendly home renovations, such as more efficient doors and windows with improved sealing technology, is nothing new. However, with the inevitability of spending prolonged periods at home and using more electricity due to the ongoing pandemic, demand for energy-efficient solutions to keep bills under control looks set to not only continue but increase. In addition, every year, we see many homeowners order new windows and doors in preparation for the winter to come. This helps them better regulate indoor temperatures and minimize the number of times their furnace needs to kick on. With 2021 already about halfway finished, there are only a few months to go before it gets cold out there! 

Energy-efficient improvements also often include kickbacks and rebates for investing in eco-friendlier solutions, and more folks than ever are rightfully taking advantage of them. For example, Our very own ENERGY STAR® carbon neutral windows and doors are eligible for both the Enbridge and Union Gas Home Reno Rebate programs. That way, when you upgrade your windows and doors, you can save up to $5,000! We make this certification possible through carefully incorporated features including triple weather stripping, double and triple-pane IGU technology with Argon gas, low E-coatings, and Warm Edge technology. We take great pride in being one of the companies within the industry ensuring compatibility with such rebate programs, effectively giving back to the clients who trust in our products and services.

 Want to learn more about our energy-efficient windows and doors at Aztech, or our approaches to help provide the best value and experience to our clients? Contact us today – we’d love to hear from you and plan your installation together.

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